Richard Johnson Photography
Architecture and Interiors


To create a compelling visual narrative of your design solutions for publications, award submissions and to support your company's vision.

Richard Johnson - Photographer, Owner

Richard worked for 18 years as an Interior Designer specializing in Retail Design and lighting. His interest in photography and design enabled him to start his own company in 1991 to service the marketing needs of Architects and Designers. Aided by the disipline of working for many years with a large format 4x5 view camera and sheet film, Richard has adopted a classic visual style influenced by mid - century masters Bernd and Hilla Becher. Today Richard uses the highest precision digital equipment available and, together with his understanding of what is required, will create lasting images of your recent projects.

Lucie Bergeron - Johnson - Studio Manager

Lucie handles our shooting and production schedule along with client requests in a timely and professional manor. Abundantly resourceful, Lucie gets it done.